Reasons to Buy a New Build

Reasons to Buy a New Build

At Taggart Homes, we are dedicated to building luxury houses that are made to the highest possible standard with the greatest attention to detail throughout. Since 1989 we have been creating communities both locally in Derry and Antrim, to all over the UK and Ireland. There are many benefits to buying a new home, and whichever of our fantastic developments you choose, you can be assured that we are providing you with a beautiful place to live.


Buying a new home is a fantastic investment, and here are Taggart Homes 5 reasons to buy a new build:


1.       It’s Brand New


This one is obvious, but the greatest benefit to buying a new home is that everything is brand new and you will be the first to own and experience the property. Moving into a new home feels fantastic and you have a blank canvas to start your new chapter in style, without having to live with the previous owner’s choices. An older home may need to be repaired or updated with a new kitchen or bathroom, whereas Taggart offers fantastic turn key properties that are already up to a modern specification. Our team at Taggart work hard to develop the layout of our homes and meet the ever-changing needs of our customers and we have a variety of house types to choose from, meaning you can pick something that fits you perfectly.


2.       Building Quality


Buying a new home has many structural advantages compared to older second-hand homes. With a new property, the flooding and drainage elements are checked to make sure that water can escape efficiently. The foundations of a property are extremely important and some older homes may have poorer quality frames, whereas in a new build the foundations are strong and make for a very structurally sound home. The walls and windows in a new property are very well insulated so as to reduce noise pollution and ensure heat is retained, and the doors are very secure with more advanced locking systems. With Taggart Homes, you can be assured that you are getting the highest quality workmanship possible in all elements of the building.


3.       Energy Efficient


It is important to consider the future running costs of a property when you are looking to buy your next home. With a new house, you will be saving money because the property will be highly energy efficient with effective insulation and a modern boiler.  Buying a new build home from Taggart means you will be getting an exceptionally high-quality home built to the latest exacting building standards. Your home will not only stand the test of time, but it is much more environmentally friendly as you will be using less electricity, fuel, and water due to the advanced systems installed. A new home can end up saving you a lot of money every year in utility costs.


4.       Less Moving Stress


Buying a house is very stressful, especially if you are in a chain and are waiting for someone to vacate the property you are hoping to buy. With a new-build, you can move in as soon as the construction is complete and there is no need to worry about cleaning the place or removing waste that the previous owner has left behind. Most importantly, with Taggart Homes, we help you every step of the way from securing the mortgage right through to picking up the keys and moving in. We build complete homes that come with beautiful gardens so there is very little, if anything, that you need to do to them.  


5.       Peace of Mind


Once you move into a new home you can truly relax and there is not the fear that you may find issues that the previous owner did not tell you about. With Taggart Homes you can rest assured knowing that the property is very secure, there is minimal maintenance, and you are making a fantastic investment. Throughout the construction, we will have carried out pre-completion inspections, and on handover day we will demonstrate the working features with you. Unlike an older property, once you have moved into a Taggart Home, we are still on hand should you have any problems or questions. In the rare case that there are any issues with the property, you know you can rely on our 5-star customer service even after you have moved in.


To see the beautifully designed developments that Taggart have created, visit our website.

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